We review the fantasy football draft boards so you dont have to

About Us

Our fantasy football league has remained intact for longer than we’d care to admit: 22 years. These 22 years have witnessed the suffering of the the lows of the Kordell Stew arts of 1997 and the highs of the 2003 Jamal Lewis’s, and every Madden Curse in between. Our league can even lay claim to having Doug Martin’s 272 yards and 4 touchdown performance in 2012 go to waste, as he was riding the bench of a team owner, who to this day has never quite gotten over it – and is steadily reminded of it.

One of the things that our league has always managed to maintain is having a live draft – every year. In our view, it is the best part of the season and no matter who’s wife was put off or employment was being put at risk – we made time for draft night. And believe it or not - for a period of time, we did it without any draft board and player label kit - if you can imagine such a thing. We did it caveman style. Although draft night never stopped being fun, the draft board-less chaos that would ensue was insufferable. Duplicate picks, guys drafting multiple players with the same bye weeks, who’s turn is it?, teams with 3 tight ends, teams without enough wide receivers, who’s turn is it? – you name it, we experienced it in that dark era of the league. The lowest point we reached was a night we all showed up with laptops. This was going to somehow fix everything. This led to nothing but more chaos, but with the added misery of a room that was dead quiet and not to mention hot as Hades from those 12 heat-emanating laptops balanced on those sweaty knees. We refer to this the server closet year.

The next year, someone came up with the idea of buying a draft board and player label kit for the league. We had some guys that thought it was a waste of money – what could this draft kit possibly do to really fix anything? But after server closet year, we were willing to try anything.

Low and behold, the pure magic of this seemingly simple fantasy football draft kit set the league on fire. We went right through it - eliminating duplicate picks, bye week Hell, who’s turn it it?, and at the end of the night we had this beautiful poster with everyone’s team, complete with roster-abiding teams. Not only did we get through it faster, we were able to spend far more time socializing, reminding Blake of his decision to draft Kordell Stewart 3rd overall last year, eating and drinking. This simple fantasy football draft kit made all the difference in the world – and we’ve never looked back.

Back then, there weren’t many businesses selling draft kits, believe it or not. But as time moved on, and fantasy football became more popular, draft kit companies began popping up all over. We’ve tried them all and experienced every pitfall, wasted dollar (remember the ‘free’ CBS Sportsline draft board with all those missing labels?), missing pieces and “Why didn’t we just get the same one we got last year?” complaint you can imagine.

Today, there are so many draft kit companies and choices out there that it feels like an agonizing task to go through the myriad of options, under the pressure of getting the “right” one. The right one sets draft night free. The wrong one sends the league back to the stone ages. We are such huge fans of these simple, yet critical products and using our decades of experience with them, we believe we have identified what aspects of a fantasy football draft board kit is important (and what is not), so that any league can rest easy knowing they’re getting the most effective product, and not spending a dollar more than they have to.

So with that, we have grouped what we believe are the best/most popular fantasy football draft board and player label kits out there, and ranked them 1-10.